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Shari Clark – Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Melville Bin Hire Simplifies Asbestos Removal Job With Skip Bin Hire Services

Melville Bin Hire now offers the pickup and removal of asbestos with their skip bin hire services, to correctly dispose of the harmful material and make the painful removal job much easier and safer with specialty asbestos removal skip bins in Perth.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia, 20th August 2013 – Many shires around Western Australia share the goal of becoming asbestos free, and Melville Bin Hire now offers professional asbestos removal with their skip bin hire services to help customers with this difficult job. Asbestos removal is typically a messy and dangerous job; Melville Bin Hire simplifies the task and takes most of the work from the customer by correctly collecting, removing and disposing asbestos from the property with their specialty skip bins in Perth.

It’s common knowledge that shires around Western Australia are striving to become asbestos free. This harmful substance has been linked to many respiratory illnesses, including cancer. But the removal process can be dangerous for home and business owners as well as the environment, and is a job that should be left only to professionals. Melville Bin Hire now offers professional asbestos removal in addition to their skip bin hire services, to correctly and safely remove and dispose of asbestos on residential and commercial properties.

People who attempt to remove asbestos themselves run the risk of introducing harmful airborne asbestos particles into their homes or businesses, as well as the nearby environment – creating a health risk for not only themselves, but for nearby neighbours who breathe the air. This is why it’s crucial to rely on the services of professionals trained in proper asbestos removal techniques with specialised equipment, to eliminate the carcinogenic material from the property while minimizing the risk of public exposure as much as possible.

With their experienced and trained team, and their numerous supply of skip bins in Perth, Melville Bin Hire is ready for any asbestos removal job and dedicated to getting it done safely and quickly for the customer’s convenience. For more information on asbestos removal and skip bin hire services, contact us today on 9331 6916

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For over 13 years, Melville Bin Hire has provided friendly, trustworthy and efficient bin hire services in the Perth metropolitan area. This family-owned and operated business is known for its highly qualified and experienced team, and is dedicated to the safety of customers and employees while providing affordable rates. For more information on asbestos removal and skip bin hire services, contact us today on 9331 6916

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