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Are you planning a special event?

Do you have all the details sorted – from the venue to the food, music, and decorations?

Do you have the guest list sorted, the invites sent, and the DJ and caterers booked?

Have you thought about what you’re going to do with all the rubbish that your event is going to generate?

Melville Bin Hire can help!

We can provide skip-bins for your next events, including:

  • Weddings/Engagement Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Functions/Work Events
  • Funeral/Wakes
  • Anniversary Celebrations

We know that rubbish bins aren’t the first thing you’ll think about when planning an event – but if you’re hosting an event outdoors or for a lot of people, it is going to be something you’ll need to consider. At Melville Bin Hire, we go one step further by dressing up our skip bins hired for events – after all, bins aren’t usually the prettiest things to look at, but we can at least help it look a little bit fancy!

Bin Hire for Weddings, Engagement Parties, Birthday Parties and More

These days, it’s popular for weddings and engagement parties (any many other types of events!) to be held outside, in a garden, park, or at the beach, where rubbish disposal might become a difficult issue for those organising the event.

Melville Bin Hire can help you solve any worries you might have about waste disposal – with our skip bins available in a range of sizes, we have your bin needs sorted no matter how short or long your wedding or engagement party invite list is, or how many clients you have coming to your end-of-year business function.

Make sure you don’t have to deal with a massive clean-up after the big day – no disposable cups and plates blown down neighbourhood streets, or food waste littering the local park. Hire a skip bin from us – we will dress it up for the day and take it away when you’re finished with it.

Skip Bin Sizes appropriate for Engagement Parties, Birthdays, Anniversary Celebrations and more:

  • 4 cubic metres (16 Wheelie Bins)
  • 6 cubic metres (24 Wheelie Bins)
  • 5 cubic metres (30 Wheelie Bins)

We have larger sizes available – so if you’re really going ‘out there’ we have the right options available for you. If you’re a little confused about which size bin might be appropriate for your event, please feel free to contact us and ask for recommendations based on your needs – we are always happy to help!

Remember to contact your local council to make sure you are able to have a skip bin delivered at the site of your event.

Contact Melville Bin Hire today and talk to us about our bin hire options for special events. We operate 6 days a week and can deliver your skip bin anywhere in Perth’s southern suburbs. Our office is open from 7am-5pm, Monday to Friday and from 8-11am on Saturdays – so give us a call and let us sort out your special event bin hire needs.