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At Melville Bin Hire, we know putting a plan in place will maximise your use of the skip bin you hire. Here are 10 tips to help you make efficient use of our skip bins.

1: Decide the safest place for the bin to be placed and discuss with us before the day.  

2: Furniture

Heavy furniture goes in first. This may be couches and armchairs. Old bathtubs and bathroom sinks as well as unwanted furniture can be broken up into smaller pieces to take up less space.

3: White Goods

Unwanted whitegoods can go into the same bin as the furniture. We dispose of these for you in an environmentally appropriate way. However, if possible, put them out for your council pickup to save your dollars and make the best of your bin use.

4: Floor Covering

In our residential skip bin, we can also take floor covering, such as carpet and vinyl. Like the small pieces of furniture, carpets can be cut into smaller sections to make better use of the space in the bin.

5: Toys and Books

Group similar toys together and bag them up. Books should be bagged separately. These bags can be fill gaps in the bin.

6:  Metal

Metal can go into a residential bin. If metal is a problem, talk to us about it when ordering your bin, so that we can assess if it can be sold. Funds from its sale may offset the cost of hiring the bin.

7: Timber

If you have timber to dispose of, we can take this away in the residential bin.

8: Plastic

Plastic chairs and other hard plastic items can be placed in a residential bin. The plastic will be sorted out at the recycle centre we use.

9: Don’t let the neighbours free load

While you have our bin, keep an eye on it. Sometimes neighbours want to use it too and they can overfill your bin or put inappropriate items into it.

10: How to stack a Melville Bin Hire bin

Basically, it’s a case of heavier pieces first graduating to least heavy at the top.

Clearing Your Office

If you are moving an office, or simply discarding outdated equipment, a Melville Bin Hire residential bin may be what you need. We can dispose of electronic equipment at the appropriate recycle centre.

Our Bin Sizes are varied so you are sure to be able to hire the right one for your purposes.

Our Range of Services

Our services cover residential, commercial, construction and industrial sites, as well as individual cleanups such as rubble removal and asbestos removal. We offer a Do It Yourself asbestos handling kit for small amounts of asbestos. When you have wrapped the asbestos using the equipment in our kit, we pick it up for disposal.

Note: Keep all items within the skip bin. This is an Occupational Health and Safety requirement.

Contact Melville Bin Hire today, book a bin, or call to discuss your options.