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Am I locked in to the confirmed delivery and collection dates?
With have a wide range of skip bins we the flexibility to make last minute adjustments to service details if necessary.
Are we an environmentally friendly skip provider?
With society moving towards a greener lifestyle, skip bin suppliers are finding new ways to ensure they can recycle a large percentage of the waste placed in skip bins. Cleanfill or hardfill waste streams are redirected to recycling facilities to be recycled into hard rubble for laying roads. Green waste skips are being redirected to landscaping facilities to be turned into mulch.
Can I arrange a skip bin to be delivered on a weekend?
Yes. We are operational six (6) days a week and can deliver skip bins to you on Saturday.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. We accept payment via cash, direct deposits and all major credit cards (N.B. American Express and Diners Club are not accepted). There is no extra fee for processing card payments
Can I put a computer or a television in my bin?
Yes. You need to let us know if you are, and then place it on top. There are a number of local companies who deal in e-waste: Ewaste Perth 1800 392 783 www.ewaste.com.au/perth-ewaste-computer-recycling/
Can I put furniture in the skip?
Can I put my bin in my garage / What sort of access do you need?
NO our trucks work with a hoist system that lifts the bin up then lowers it off the back of the truck, therefore the bin cannot be placed under things such as trees, carports and garages. You need to allow clearance of approximately 5 metres in height.
Can you get rid of some old scrap metal for me?
Depending on what it is, we probably can. Give us a call to discuss what we can do to help. More often you can get payment for your scrap metal.
Can you help me to load the bin?
Yes, we can provide you with help to load your bin, please telephone our office for prices and availability.
How big are the bins, how much do they hold
Have a look at this link for handy information on bin sizes Click here
How can I pay for my bin?
You can pay for your bin with cash on delivery to the driver or you can provide a credit card when you book your bin online or over the phone. Your card will be debited on the day of your delivery. We also accept direct deposit which needs to be paid before your bin will be removed. When ordering a heavy bin or a specialised bin we do need a credit card for security.
How do I order a skip bin?
We have created several ways to order making it easy for you. Call and speak with a real person, order online, book your pick up on line, or even email you requests. Call between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday or Saturday between 7am and noon.
How long can I keep the skip?
Melville Bin Hire has an extensive range of skip bins so they have the flexibility to schedule bin hire for 7 day periods.
How much notice is needed to hire a skip?
Melville Bin Hire guarantees a 48 hour delivery turnaround – order today and the skip can be delivered tomorrow. Same day delivery depending on how busy we are!
If I want the skip for longer, is there an additional charge?
Depending on the total duration of extra days that the skip is hired will depend on whether an additional charge will be incurred. Phone for more details.
To what level can I fill the skip?
Skips can be filled up to the top rail, but there must not be any materials protruding over the top of the skip. Overloaded bins are dangerous and create Occupational Health and Safety concerns for employees and the general public.
What happens if I overload the skip?
We can only remove skips that are filled level to the top of the bin with no materials protruding. If the skip is overloaded, we will arrange for an additional bin to be delivered (at the customers cost) and the customer will be asked to unload the excess waste that is protruding. Overloaded bins are dangerous and create safety risks. Over loaded bins will not be collected.
What is a skip or skip bin?
A skip or skip bin is an open design bin often used at construction and renovation sites. The skips are delivered to you empty, and once filled picked up and taken to the tip or dumpsite. A skip ranges from about 4m³ to about 12m³, and are made of steel. Skips are usually placed at the front of construction sites and house verges, which makes disposing of waste easy for all.
What is the cost to hire your skip bins?
To find out prices go to our Bin Quote section. Keep in mind that you can have our bins for longer than most companies, just ask.
What items are not allowed to be placed in skip bins?
Liquid, food and hazardous wastes are not permitted to be placed in bins. Hazardous wastes include asbestos, poisons, paints, oils, gas bottles and toxic wastes. If you have hazardous wastes that you need to dispose of, contact us for more information. We do offer Asbestos specialty bins, see Asbestos FAQ for more information.
What time will the truck arrive?
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a time of arrival as the nature of our business is moment to moment and delays occasionally occur. If you do have a time constraint, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you. You can also telephone our office after 7:30am on the day of delivery or pickup and we can give you a rough idea of what time to expect the driver. Please remember that delays with traffic can and do occur. Having the bin delivered the day before you need it will alleviate problems with time constraints
Where do you place the bin?
You tell us.. Within reason, we can place the bin in most cases wherever is convenient for you. There are some areas we need to avoid, but generally wherever our truck can fit you can place a bin.
On the day of pickup and drop off, access is required from 7am. Can you chat to your neighbour’s on the day the bin is being delivered or picked up and ask them to leave room for our truck? If access is not possible we may need to charge you a fee to cover costs for our driver to return at another time.
Where will we place the skip?
We deliver the skip bin to a location of your request; the bin is generally placed on the verge, if you wish it to be delivered inside your property or elsewhere, all damage above and below ground is at your expense. All care but no liability is accepted in delivery and collection of bin from any property.
Will it fit down my driveway?
That depends on the shape and width of your driveway and what’s around it. You can request it is left in the driveway but we leave the ultimate say to our drivers as they are the experts at manoeuvring the trucks. Please note we take no liability for damage to the drive and in most cases the weight of the truck and a full bin will create some damage.
Will the bin damage my painted/stamped/tiled driveway?
Generally no, but is not guaranteed. If you are concerned, we recommend that you provide two or three lengths of timber to place under a bin if your driveway is painted, stamped or tiled, or if you’re just concerned about possible damage. The timber should be not less than 2 metres in length. If in doubt verge is the best option.
Will the truck damage my grass?
Our trucks weigh approximately eight tonne before they are loaded. Unfortunately, driving on lawns after rain can cause some damage. However lawn will grow back.