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Melville Bin Hire Perth | How to Recycle Renovation Waste

Managing demolished materials during a do-it-yourself home renovation project is crucial for site safety reasons and to stay in step with recycling regulations and rubbish removal. Melville Bin Hire located at O'Connor is a privately owned skip bin company servicing...

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Melville Bin Hire | Safe Disposal of Construction Waste

On a construction site, solid waste can represent a hazard for workers. The answer to avoiding problems is to start the job with a hired skip bin of adequate size for the building project. An essential aspect of hiring a skip bin is the company you select. Can the...

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Melville Bin Hire | Order Your Skip Bin for Your Clean Up

You need to discard a lot of household ‘stuff’ but you don’t have a trailer or a Ute, or even a station wagon. And you don’t have a friend who can help you out.   Well, actually, you do. It’s us: the team at Melville Bin Hire. We’ll deliver a skip bin to you.  ...

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Melville Bin Hire | Safer Sites

Waste disposal volume and type in Commercial, Construction and Demolition industries may vary widely. For this reason, ask Melville Bin Hire about the right size affordable skip bin for your job.   There are many reasons for using Melville Bin Hire skip bins....

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Melville Bin Hire Perth | Puts the Environment First

At Melville Bin Hire, we understand the need to consider the environment when disposing of various types of materials.   We also are aware that our customers may have concerns about how we dispose of rubbish.  Your worries end when your Melville Bin Hire skip is...

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Asbestos Away Project | Extended to June 30

We at Melville Bin Hire carry out affordably priced disposal of waste for the south metropolitan areas of Perth, including all Fremantle and Melville suburbs. We are competitive and offer a range of skips, from our mini skips to our 12.5x3 metre skip. You get top...

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Melville Bin Hire | Your E-Waste Removal Experts

It can be hard to know what to do with your electronic waste, especially when you’re looking to get rid of larger items such as refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, and computers. Even throwing out a mobile phone seems wasteful! But don’t worry, Melville Bin...

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10 Tips on How to Use Your Skip Bin |Melville Bin Hire

At Melville Bin Hire, we know putting a plan in place will maximise your use of the skip bin you hire. Here are 10 tips to help you make efficient use of our skip bins. 1: Decide the safest place for the bin to be placed and discuss with us before the day.   2:...

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