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Waste disposal volume and type in Commercial, Construction and Demolition industries may vary widely. For this reason, ask Melville Bin Hire about the right size affordable skip bin for your job.


There are many reasons for using Melville Bin Hire skip bins. Here are just seven of them.

  1. Accurate assessment gets you the right size bin
  2. Prompt delivery
  3. Affordable, friendly service
  4. Environmentally responsible
  5. Makes your site (or residence) safer
  6. Less clutter, less worry
  7. Easy online booking, or phone the office


Melville Bin Hire delivers skip bins to suburbs in the south and south-east of Perth’s CBD, as listed on its website.


The locally owned company has been in operation for more than a decade, during which it has built a loyal domestic and commercial customer base.


“Our Melville Bin Hire skip bins can quickly be dropped to your site so that your progress is not held up,” said owner Erin Brown.


“All a recipient needs to do is follow Melville Bin Hire’s guidelines on materials and how much the skip bin can safely take.”


Waste is transported to Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) sites designated for acceptance of mixed waste suitable for burial at a landfill, or where suitable waste can be recycled.


Recycling inert waste

Non-reactive, inert waste either takes a long time to break down in a landfill or does not break down at all. Although it purportedly does not pose a threat to human health, it can take up a lot of space and efforts to recycle it are helpful for the environment.


Bricks; soil; concrete; asphalt; sand; clay; rubble; and tiles can be regarded as inert waste. Sand can be recycled to form glass and building materials. Bricks, concrete and rubble can be turned into aggregate useful for road-base.


For Asbestos, you need a Melville Bin Hire specialty skip bin. When you have placed all of it in the skip, it is taken to a designated site for safe disposal.


Commercial waste management

For many businesses and offices where local government bins are inadequate, the sensible option is to have a Melville Bin Hire skip permanently on site.


Office building managers are welcome to talk to Melville Bin Hire about hiring a skip bin as an ongoing solution to the excessive general waste that offices can produce. The Melville Bin Hire skip bins are affordable and take the headache out of this particular eco problem.


Melville Bin Hire  retail skip bins

Melville Bin Hire skip bins are the answer to managing general waste produced by retail outlets.


Retail outlets and complexes produce large volumes of general waste, including paper and cardboard. Having an onsite Melville Bin Hire skip bin dedicated to cardboard can overcome the time consuming hard work involved in containing this recyclable material.


Order your Melville Bin Hire skip bin, and  view bin types here, see the  various sizes including volume and prices, or book online.  If you prefer call the office at O’Connor, near Fremantle, and discuss your needs.