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Managing demolished materials during a do-it-yourself home renovation project is crucial for site safety reasons and to stay in step with recycling regulations and rubbish removal.

Melville Bin Hire located at O’Connor is a privately owned skip bin company servicing Perth’s southern and south eastern suburbs, disposes of waste resulting from demolition, renovation, garden landscaping, and home clean ups. As a family owned local company, its skip bin hire rates are budget-friendly and it has a keen interest in making sure all materials that can be recycled are recycled.


For do-it-yourself home renovators it is essential to manage waste legally, much of which can be a source of raw materials.

During the demolition phase of a renovation, the types of material likely to be discarded may include: bricks; wood; metals; and concrete. Depending on their condition, all can be recycled to produce construction materials, or for producing energy.


Legal Disposal of Waste

Making sure your waste is taken to an appropriate recycling center is part of a home renovator’s responsibility. Melville Bin Hire has a range of small to large skip bins, and legally disposes of recyclable waste at a recycling center. This allows you the peace of mind to focus on your renovation.

At the recycling center, it is possible that 80 to 90 percent of your renovation waste in your skip bin will be recycled. Much of it will be turned into small particles and end up being used as road base.


Plasterboard Yields Gypsum

According to Planet Ark, uncontaminated plasterboard can be recycled to make new plasterboard, and should not go to landfill. To be classified as uncontaminated and able to be recycled, the plasterboard should not contain nails, screws or wall coverings. Alternatively, the gypsum in plasterboard can be re-used in a soil conditioning product, easing the demand for gypsum, which is finite. Recycling plasterboard significantly eases the pressure on landfill sites and the gypsum it yields is used in agriculture.

Plasterboard waste recycling is available in Perth, speak to Melville Bin Hire.


Handling Asbestos Waste

Asbestos cannot be recycled and must be handled separately from other construction and demolition waste materials. Many renovators have sought advice from Melville Bin Hire regarding the problem of disposing asbestos.

Melville Bin Hire provides kits for small amounts of asbestos, or a specific bin for larger amounts. Asbestos must be kept separate from your other waste materials.


Skip Bin Hire on a Budget

When renovating, keep in mind the advantages of hiring a local skip bin hire company that can provide the right types of skips and service at budget-friendly rates. From mini bins to large skip bins, Melville Bin Hire has the right size for your job.


If you have never previously ordered a skip bin, call Melville Bin Hire and they will guide you through the process. Or you can book your bin online, 24/7.  Or click here to go straight through to the contact page to outline your project and ask any questions about the service.

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