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On a construction site, solid waste can represent a hazard for workers. The answer to avoiding problems is to start the job with a hired skip bin of adequate size for the building project.

An essential aspect of hiring a skip bin is the company you select. Can the company be relied on to deliver the skip bin when it is needed? Will the company dispose of the waste in the lawful manner, and will it provide evidence of this, such as weighbridge receipts? These steps need to be taken to avoid fines for the skip bin company and the construction company.

Comply with Disposal Laws

This underlines the importance of disposing of waste appropriately and selecting a skip bin company you know will comply with the laws concerning disposal of construction waste. Just as important, is the adherence to your schedule: the company hiring the skip bins needs to be able to stay in step with your timing.

Although hiring a skip bin represents a cost, it is more time efficient and safer for your workers than allowing waste to build up then hiring a contractor to lift it and carry it away in a truck.

Different Waste Types

Today’s environmental concerns will mean you will probably need to hire two or more bins in order to separate the different waste types. Sorting your construction waste on site while the building project is underway saves time and helps ensure disposal laws are followed.

The right size skip bin for the job is essential to ensure the savings and efficiency you want to achieve. You may need big, medium and small bins to meet the various volume levels of the waste.

Variety of Bin Sizes

Finding a skip bin hire company that has a variety of sizes readily available is important. Flexibility is also key, and when multiple bins are being hired, there is the added need to consider budget. A local company that is family run and owned will be able to be more flexible than a corporate style company.

Melville Bin Hire based at O’Connor, south of Perth, has a range of different sized bins you can see online and budget friendly rates. This privately owned company can be relied on to work with you personally and individually to match your building schedule.

Some waste it can dispose of for you include: brick; soil; concrete; asphalt; sand; clay; rubble; tiles; general building waste; and asbestos. Specialty bins are necessary for asbestos removal.

Delivery, Pick up and ‘Tipping’

No hidden fees are an advantage in any hiring situation and Melville Bin Hire follows the principle of straightforward pricing, to make sure its skip bin clients know where they stand. Prices include bin delivery, pick up and ‘tipping’.

Melville Bin Hire operates in Perth’s southern suburbs as well as some south eastern suburbs. A list of its areas of operation is on the website, www.melvillebinhire.com.au

You can see your skip bin online and let us know your needs via the contact form. For an account, application form, call Melville Bin Hire.   Opening hours are 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 8am to 11am.