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Did  you know too much clutter in our homes and work spaces causes stress?   When we are in the presence of clutter, we feel as if our work is never done.


Yet clutter is the easiest of life problems to overcome. Melville Bin Hire’s de-clutter blitz and the right sized skip bin are the two weapons you need to reclaim your space and peace of mind.


10-Minute de-clutter blitz

Step 1: Starting in a room all the family uses, the 10-minute blitz where each person takes control of a designated space works well. Each person decides what can go into the skip bin and what can go to a charity shop. The items that are rubbish and can’t be saved go into either your landfill rubbish bin or your yellow topped bin in which your local council empties each week. Inside your re-cycle bin lid, you will see images of items that can be discarded in them, and have a look at the end of this blog as to what items can be placed in that bin.

Being timed, the ‘blitz’ does not seem like a never-ending chore. Have several boxes in which you can separate out the items and in a size that can easily be loaded up in your car if going to the charity shop.

If you are blitzing on your own, define a number of spaces and work on each of them in turn, starting from one side of the room.

 Step 2: Repeat Step 1 in other rooms in your house, kitchen and dining and bedrooms, taking one room at a time.

Step 3: When you have moved through the whole house and have stacked your car full of charity items.  All the other items can be stacked ready for the big Bin.

Step 4:  Now its time to go around the house (or your office) one more time to make sure you have thoroughly blitzed every section.

Step 5: Take a look at your garage, car port and garden. What’s out there that can go into your Melville Bin Hire skip bin? Apply the same 10-minute blitz approach.


A De-Clutter Buddy

Ask a friend to be your ‘de-clutter buddy’ to stop you from giving in to sentiment, or vacillating over the possible future use of an item.


Melville Bin Hire has skip bins to accommodate the needs of any size project.

Order your skip bin online,  or contact Mellville Bin Hire to discuss your needs.


Do you know what you can and can’t put into your Council Yellow Topped Recycle Bin?

No Metal Hangers

NO Tissues or serviettes (they’ve already been re-cycled)

NO Drinking glasses; oven proof glass; or crockery

NO Lids from hard plastic bottles and containers (in general bin)

NO Metal tops from glass bottles and jars (in general bin)

NO Disposable coffee cups (usually wax coated so can’t be re-cycled)

NO Metal items, such as broken aluminium seating (such as chairs or stools) and gas cylinders (Your local council may have a collection center for the gas cylinders.)

NO Clothing or rags

NO Mirrors or plate glass (such as glass tabletops or window panes)

NO Soft plastic (Your local supermarket generally has has a bin for soft plastic)


Call Melville Bin Hire to discuss your de-cluttering needs