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Please note as of July 1st ALL Mattresses will incur a $40 per mattress charge.

The identification of your waste type is normally fairly straight forward, however it is important because certain waste types are prohibited from being placed in skips and also in many cases, the waste type affects the price of skip services.
Therefore it is important to correctly specify your intended waste type because placement of other waste types may result in additional disposal charges after the skip is collected or may result in the bin not being collected until it is rectified – Eg asbestos in the bin with other waste.

The table below provides some guidelines. If you have any doubt as to which waste type your waste belongs, please feel free to call us today and our experienced staff will happily assist you.

Allowed materials Materials not allowed in the skip bin
‘Light Bin’ Most general household waste.

Boxes, wood, cabinets, white goods, clothes, toys, carpet, furniture, plastics, cardboard, paper, steel, timber etc. Green waste, such as grass clippings, branches, woodchips and bark, wood,fence palings.

Sand, Rubble and Bricks and all items on the ‘the following is never to be placed in a skip bin of any kind‘ list found below.


‘Heavy Bin’ Waste from household clean-ups& renovations including bricks, concrete & general waste. See ‘the following is never to be placed in a skip bin of any kind‘ list found below.
‘Asbestos Bin’ Asbestos items only – do not mix with any other waste type. Anything that is not asbestos
‘Bricks and Concrete’ Clean bricks and concrete. To help the environment the Bricks and Concrete will be recycled but can NOT be polluted or contaminated with the following materials: dry non-hazardous solid waste, furniture, green waste, timber, pallets, paper, cardboard, plastic, strapping, mattresses, heavy and light gauge scrap metals, white good appliances, plasterboard, tiles, tyres, rocks, tree stumps.

The following is never to be placed in a skip bin of any kind

Putrescible waste (food waste etc), hazardous waste, liquids (paint, oils, chemicals)
(Dry paints in cans are OK), gas bottles, empty chemical containers, car batteries and large tree trunks ( less than 1m diameter) or tyres.


What happens if I overload the skip?

We can only remove skips that are filled level to the top of the bin with no materials protruding. If the skip is overloaded, we will arrange for an additional bin to be delivered (at the customers cost) and the customer will be asked to unload the excess waste that is protruding. Overloaded bins are dangerous and create safety risks. Over loaded bins will not be collected.


Resource facility new guidelines now stipulate that Palm Trees are to be cut down to not more than 1meter in length and 300mm in diameter,

your bin may not be collected if your outside of these guidelines and a possible re collection fee may apply.
All mattress now incur a $40 per mattress fee.