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At Melville Bin Hire, we understand the need to consider the environment when disposing of various types of materials.


We also are aware that our customers may have concerns about how we dispose of rubbish.  Your worries end when your Melville Bin Hire skip is full and we pick it up from your site.


All you need to do is fill it according to our guidelines, after which we will take it to the appropriate landfill or recycle centre.


Easing the landfill burden

Reducing your non-recyclable waste and keeping it separate from organic waste will ease the burden on our local landfill centres, as well as help reduce greenhouse gases.

Most of us hardly ever think about the methane being emitted from the world’s landfill centres, but we should because methane is a greenhouse gas that can be dangerous. When allowed to leak ‘leak’ into the air it absorbs solar heat and warms up the atmosphere. It displaces oxygen and is flammable.

The plastic problem

Managing the plastic problem is sprouting innovative ways to recycle and re-use it. In Western Australia, various businesses are carrying out plastic recycling, processing it to form a variety of products, including plastic ‘lumber’ for use as a building material.


If you have hard plastic in furniture you want removed, and can’t wait for a local government verge collection, you can place it in a domestic Melville Bin Hire skip, and we will take it to a recycle centre.


Commercial waste management

Melville Bin Hire can take over the waste management of Commercial, Industrial or Business enterprises, including schools, offices and other types of businesses, such as manufacturing.


We provide skip bins for regular removal and proper disposal of various amounts and types of waste.


Waste from construction

Construction and Demolition is a major contributor to landfill, despite much of it being recyclable and qualifying as inert. Waste from Construction and Demolition would include materials such as asphalt, soil, concrete, bricks, clay, and rubble. Melville Bin Hire provides skip bins designed for Demolition and Construction in sizes to suit all jobs. We then dispose of the waste at appropriate centres.


We can all contribute towards minimising what we put into landfill through making careful choices. And while Australia moves towards sustainability, using the services of Melville Bin Hire remains a sensible, cost effective and environmentally  responsible decision.


The right size skip bin

Melville Bin Hire’s affordable prices and reliable service have attracted a loyal group of customers. We are a private West Australian owned family business. From small through to large, we have the right size skip bin for your project, and your budget.


Melville Bin Hire is based at O’Connor, near Fremantle servicing suburbs south and south-east of Perth CBD. It is a private West Australian owned business offering friendly quality service and reliability. Melville Bin Hire cares about the environment.

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