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Dealing with and removing asbestos is very dangerous. Inhaling a single fibre of this material is enough to be deadly, and so strict guidelines exist to keep people safe. Serious penalties apply for non-compliance, and we take compliance very seriously to keep our employees (and you!) safe.

Melville Bin Hire are Perth’s experts in asbestos removal. The asbestos material must be:

  • Separated from all other materials
  • Wrapped in piles and taped to specifications
  • Labelled appropriately


Asbestos must be separated from all other materials for disposal

As ordered by the Department of Environment and Conservation, asbestos materials must be ‘separated from other material for disposal where that is reasonably practical.’

This means that nothing else can go into a skip bin that is set aside for asbestos removal. If you are hiring a bin with the intention of using it for asbestos removal, you must notify us. There is a duty to inform others of the presence of this dangerous material to minimise the risk of exposure.


Melville Bin Hire are Perth’s asbestos removal experts, and we can provide bins for this purpose in a range of sizes. If you intend to dispose of asbestos fencing, the following guide may help:

  • 4 metre cubed bin can hold approximately 25 sheets
  • 6 metre cubed bin can hold approximately 40 sheets
  • 9 metre cubed bin can hold approximately 50+ sheets


If you aren’t sure what size bin you might require, contact Melville Bin Hire and talk to us today!


Wrap discarded asbestos in piles and tape according to guidelines

Following the Department of Environment and Conservation guidelines, asbestos that is to be disposed of must be ‘wrapped or contained in a manner that prevents asbestos fibres entering the atmosphere during transportation by road.’

When you a skip bin from us to dispose of asbestos, please wrap the material in piles of no more than five sheets at a time in black builder’s plastic. Tape the plastic-wrapped piles with either cloth electrical or gaffer tape, ensuring the parcel is as tightly wrapped as possible. Use ample tape to discourage easy unravelling.

Masking tape and packing tape are not acceptable alternatives.

If you need to dispose of asbestos and would like more information about these guidelines, please contact Melville Bin Hire. We would be happy to help you with this serious matter.


Make sure wrapped and taped asbestos materials are clearly labelled

To avoid any confusion, please ensure that parcels of asbestos are clearly labelled according to Department of Environment and Conservation guidelines:

‘Asbestos materials must be […] labelled or marked with the words “CAUTION ASBESTOS” in letters no less than 50 millimetres high.’

You can find further instructions on how to correctly wrap, tape, and label asbestos on our website. If you’d like to talk to us about your asbestos removal requirements, or would like to hire a skip bin, please don’t hesitate to contact Melville Bin Hire. We are Perth’s preferred asbestos removal experts!