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Finally ready to tackle that kitchen remodel? Or perhaps you’re giving your home a full makeover?

Whatever the case may be, have you figured out how to store and properly remove your rubbish yet?

Well, it’s time to figure that out before you take the sledge hammer through the wall.

Maybe you think you’ll just haul it off yourself. But this means finding the right size bin, a vehicle with a trailer big enough to haul it, and sorting through the rubbish once you get to the tip to separate the recyclables out.

Sound exhausting? This is exactly why you need to hire a skip bin for your home renovation projects.

Hiring a skip bin will make dealing with the rubbish from your renovation worry free for at least six reasons.

1. Size or Type of Rubbish

When you hire a skip bin, you can choose one that’s the right size for your project and materials. No worrying about what the rubbish will do to the inside of your vehicle, if it will even fit, or trying to figure out where to store it until you’re ready for a trip to the tip.

2. Free Up Your Regular Bins

You might be surprised how many folks attempt to use their regular household bins for home renovation projects. They think they will make multiple trips to the tip every time they fill them, but that inevitably becomes tiring. Next thing you know, there is no place to put your regular household rubbish and piles start to form.

Hiring a skip bin will ensure that your household bin doesn’t get kidnapped for your renovation job and that mountains of rubbish don’t start forming.

3. No Travel Back & Forth to the Tip

When you hire a skip bin, someone else is dropping off the bin for you to fill and hauling it away to the tip when it’s full. You won’t have to stop what you’re doing to haul your rubbish and sort it at the dump facility.

4. Save Time

And since you won’t have to keep stopping your progress to haul off your rubbish and tediously sort through it, you will save so much time on your overall project and finish it faster. Simply step out your door, drop your rubbish in the bin, and get right back to work.

5. Cleaner Renovation Site

Having a skip bin on site also ensures that you won’t have piles of rubbish dangerously placed around your home and yard. Your whole family will thank you for getting a skip, so they can feel like they’re still living in a normal home during the renovation process.

6. Save Lots of Money

Finally, hiring a skip bin is cheaper than trying to haul off your rubbish yourself. When you add up the costs of renting a bin, a vehicle and trailer, then the fees at the tip, it is far more expensive to do it yourself then to hire a service to do it all for you.

When you consider how much time and energy they save you on top of the money, it is so worth it, you would be mad to do it any other way.

Ready to Start Knocking Down Walls?

When you are remodelling or renovating your home, you are working hard enough as it is. Who wants to stop and focus on rubbish when there is an exciting project in hand? Don’t add the hassle and delay of hauling and sorting your own rubbish. Let Melville Bin Hire do it for you!

With Melville Bin Hire, you can hire a skip bin for your renovation project and stop worrying about your rubbish.

We will drop of the size bin you need and leave it for you to fill for seven days or more, if you arrange it. Throw in brick, sand, rubble, furniture, and general waste from major cleanouts and relocation. Melville Bin Hire will take it to a facility who will sort out the recyclables for you, and we always deliver the rubbish to an environmentally friendly facility.

Free yourself of a rubbishy headache by calling Melville Bin Hire today.