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The problem of waste is gaining a lot of media attention these days (take China’s ban on foreign recyclable waste imports, for example) – and July 2018 is going to see some big changes. Not only is WA’s ban on lightweight plastic bags coming into effect on July 1st – we are also set to see ABC’s War On Waste Season 2 grace our TV screens on July 24 #WarOnWasteAU.

The first season of War On Waste really opened our eyes to the problems that waste is posing to Australia, and to the world. The team at Melville Bin Hire are dealing with Perth’s waste every day – and believe us when we say we see a lot of it. That’s why we think the message that War On Waste advocates is important – we should all be doing our bit to reduce our impact. This season will be focusing on plastic, such as straws, water bottles, and e-waste such as old mobile phones.

So, how can you help to reduce your waste? Here are some tips from the team at Melville Bin Hire

  • Understand recycling
  • Get used to reusable bags
  • Create a meal plan and use reusable containers
  • Composting helps the earth
  • Repair and Reuse – don’t just ditch
  • “No Junk Mail” – take your mail seriously and cancel unnecessary mail

Reduce, Reuse…Recycle?

Recycling can be confusing – but it doesn’t have to be. Educate yourself on Perth’s recycling rules and help our recycling system function the way it’s meant to –

Reusable Bags are here to stay

As we mentioned above, supermarkets in Western Australia will no longer be providing plastic bags to customers as of July 1, 2018. This means you will have to get into the habit of taking reusable bags to buy your groceries, or you’ll have to pay for reusable bags at checkout. It also means you’ll have to start buying bin liners, or better yet, don’t use bin liners at all – simply wrap messy items in newspaper, or transfer them straight to your wheelie bin or skip.

Plastic bags have a huge effect on our oceans every day, we’ve all seen the social media blitz which has given us an idea of just how much plastic is polluting our planet –

Create a Meal Plan for your family

Creating a meal plan for your family means that you can buy exactly what you need at the supermarket without purchasing excess items that may go to waste – this is great for the planet as well as your hip pocket!

It’s also a great idea to cook meals in advance and freeze them in reusable containers. This not only saves you time at night after a busy day, and means that you’re less likely to splurge on takeaway food that arrives in numerous plastic bags and containers.


All families end up with excess food scraps that more often than not end up in the rubbish bin. Why not get a composting station set up in your backyard to reduce waste that could be going back into the earth to create beautiful, healthy soil? Plus, composting is a great educational activity for the kids. It’s win-win!

Repair and Reuse 

When a pair of pants tears or a button comes loose, it’s so tempting to throw the item away and simply purchase another to replace it. But replacing it not only costs you time and money – it is extremely wasteful. Why not simply learn to sew a few stitches, and only replace items when they are truly worn-out?

No Junk Mail

If every home in Perth had a “No Junk Mail” sign on its letterbox, can you imagine how much useless junk mail would stop going into landfill? And make sure you aren’t signed up for any unwanted promotional material.

There are plenty of other tips for you to wage your own War On Waste – and don’t forget to catch the next season of the show to learn about how our bad habits are impacting the planet.

For all your waste that can’t be reused or recycled, Melville Bin Hire can help. Contact us today to find out more about our services!