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As it gets closer to Christmas, many Australians will be suffering from the effects of anxiety and depression, and will need our support. Melville Bin Hire is a strong supporter of beyondblue, the national not-for-profit organisation offering information and support for those struggling with mental health conditions. Beyondblue provide a range of support services to assist Australians in achieving the best mental health.

Some of the many essential services offered by beyondblue include:

• Immediate help line support
• Professional mental health services
• National website providing access to information resources
• Online forums
• Available treatment options
• NewAccess Mental Health Coaching
• Assistance with knowing what to say to those suffering with poor mental health
• BeyondNow Suicide Safety Planning
• Mental health recovery and staying well
• Anxiety and depression checklist
• Where to get started with getting help for mental health concerns

The Community Council of Australia is an independent body committed to enhancing the work provided by the not-for-profit sector, such as organisations like beyondblue, in order to help communities flourish. To reach this goal they streamline how governments, communities and the not-for-profit sector communicate with each other.

In a recent report by the Community Council of Australia entitled “The Australia We Want-First Report”, Western Australia was revealed to have the highest suicide rate in Australia. As we all well know, the Western Australian economy hasn’t been performing as well as in previous years, leaving many families to deal with the burden of an uncertain financial future and tough economic times ahead. The Community Council of Australia’s report also uncovered that Western Australians were not overly generous, with the second lowest rate of donations being provided in Australia. This could also be related to how high the cost of living is here, with Perth being one of the most expensive cities in Australia.

The period leading up to Christmas can be especially hard for those struggling with lack of financial support, which can result in mental health issues such as anxiety or depression developing. For those already dealing with mental health concerns, the added financial stress of having to buy presents for friends and family, attend social events and put on a big lunch or dinner Christmas Day can often be too much to cope with. In worst case scenarios, this can lead to suicidal thoughts, which is why the support provided by beyondblue is so vital during the Christmas season.

Melville Bin Hire wants to prove Western Australia can be the most generous state when it comes to donating for a worthy cause and is running a charity drive for beyondblue over November and December. To see how you can help us make a change for those dealing with mental illness, visit Melvin the Skip Bin’s Facebook page. Any donation is appreciated, however big or small. If you’d like to find out more about our beyondblue charity drive you can also contact our friendly team at Melville Bin Hire today!