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Drainage Net success at City of Kwinana


When it comes to dealing with the world’s waste problem, Melville Bin Hire believes we all need to be innovative, fast-acting and committed. The City of Kwinana has done an excellent job of demonstrating that this year, with the installation of drainage nets made of heavy rope in Henley Reserve.


The nets have collected a whopping 370kg of debris since March 2018 – waste that would have otherwise ended polluting the nature reserve.   According to the City of Kwinana’s new post https://www.kwinana.wa.gov.au/our-city/news/Pages/-Drainage-Nets-Cleaning-up-Henley-Reserve-.aspx the collected debris “consisted of food wrappings, drink bottles, sand and tree leaves.”


The nets are designed to minimise risk to local wildlife and has noticeably helped to reduce rubbish levels in the area already. As such, the City of Kwinana is planning to add more drainage nets to the area.


Once the rubbish is collected from the nets, it is taken to a sorting facility where the green waste can be separated from other non-recyclable trash and turned into mulch for use in landscaping. Recyclable plastics and other materials are also sent to the appropriate facilities, reducing the impact on landfill. You can find out more information about the City of Kwinana’s drainage nets here: https://omny.fm/shows/perth-tonight/city-of-kwinana-nets-collect-370kg-of-debris-from


The team here at Melville Bin Hire  encourages other Perth councils to adopt the drainage net strategy for their drains and waterways. What a great way to help reduce the impact of litter on our local reserves.


The proper disposal of rubbish would greatly help to reduce the need for measures such as the City of Kwinana’s ingenious drainage nets. We should all take responsibility for our own waste and rubbish disposal. On a small scale, this means not throwing rubbish out of car windows – which is how rubbish ends up in our waterways in the first place.


Environmentally-conscious skip bin hire Perth


On a larger scale, if you require a skip bin to dispose of your waste, contact Melville Bin Hire. We have a bin size to suit your needs. You can use our skip bins to dispose of:

  • Green waste
  • Rubble
  • Bricks
  • Furniture
  • Waste from garage clean out
  • Waste from relocations
  • Commercial waste
  • And more, including asbestos


By hiring a skip bin from Melville Bin Hire, you are doing your part to dispose of rubbish and waste responsibly. We are an environmentally-conscious company concerned with making our planet cleaner and greener for future generations.


Recycling your waste


We are always looking for new ways to ensure we can recycle as much of the waste placed into our skip bins as possible. Clean fill or hard fill waste streams are redirected to recycling facilities to be recycled into hard rubble for laying roads, and green waste is redirected to landscaping facilities to be turned into mulch.


Contact Perth’s skip bin specialists

The next time you need to dispose of a large amount of waste, contact Melville Bin Hire. We are Perth’s waste removal experts for both commercial and residential purposes, and we can provide a service to suit you.